We have a walker!

Yay! Aubree finally started walking! Last Thursday Jan. 12 she took her first steps all on her own while I was at work and I missed it 😦 but ever since then she has been a walking machine and I love it! Even though it is the end of life as I know it and I am constantly going to be chasing after her fast little legs now I am so excited she has entered a new step in her life.  It’s so amazing to watch her grow up and I’m thankful everyday that I get to be her mom!

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Housekeeping After a Hiatus

So it would appear that I have vanished from the Earth judging from this blog. I definitely haven’t been giving it the attention it deserves. But after a grueling fall semester of school and intensive adrenaline fueled paper writing and finals I needed a break from writing in general and Christmas break was the perfect solution. The break was great i spent tons of time with my daughter, turned 21, discovered a new Passion for Stephen King novels and became an expert at Wii boxing. But most importantly I finally decided on a career option! Hallelujah! Previously I was a journalism major and planned to become a sports journalist. But having Aubree changed that. Now I need a more stable field that isn’t crumbling under modernity and becoming increasingly difficult to enter post graduation. So I decided to fall back on my trusty backup weapon English. I have always been good at it and interested in critical thinking, writing essays and that kind of stuff. So I switched my major to
English lit and I am now going to set out to minor in education and get licensed to teach high school. The hours are good for a single mom, it has good benefits and most importantly it always provides job openings. Back in high school I wanted nothing more but to get out and never get out but now that I have resigned myself to essentially spend the rest of my life in school it doesn’t seem so bad, I’m not sure what I was running from all those years. It’s funny the ironies life throws at us isn’t it?

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Some current stats

Here are some up to date facts about A at 12.5 months:

Wearing size 18 mo
22 lbs.
28 in. Long

Cruising around and getting so close to walking!
She loves standing up in her crib when its supposed to be bed/naptime

Just started drinking cow’s milk and is slowly coming around to it
Loves eggs, turkey, cheese, and crackers to name a few

Loves balloons, calls them “boons”
As for toys she likes her zany zoo, baby dolls, puppy doll, dinosaur walker, and she loves to color.

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Every baby is special to me

I am a young mom who happened to have a child out of wedlock, something that seems to be more and more common these days. And while it wasn’t the ideal situation for me to have a child when I did it doesn’t mean I love her any less and I am so thankful for her and the joy she has brought into my life. God obviously had a reason for placing her in my life.  I get a lot of criticism from people I know and even strangers condemning me for my sins. While I try and be strong and brush off the negative judgement it still hurts me that my actions are always going to reflect upon my daughter. And I hate to brag but I am proud of myself for how I have handled the situation. I am a single mom, full-time student and a part time employee and I try my best to give my daughter all the love she deserves and set a good example for her, despite my flaws. As she grows up I never want her to believe she is inferior or dirty because she was born to unmarried parents. I believe every child is special, regardless of how they came about or whether or not their parents were married. And as for the ones who judge me for my “sin” I believe judging someone is just as bad as committing a sin itself. But no worries because it is something we are all guilty of.

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My Random October Observations

– When I was little my favorite season was summer because I could literally be a mermaid and spend three months swimming. But now that I am older I am really beginning to appreciate fall and all its subtle beauty. Living near the Smoky Mountains I realize we have some of the prettiest fall leaves around. I love everything about fall the cooler weather, corn mazes, pumpkins, football, Halloween, Thanksgiving and scarves and boots. It’s sad the season seems to pass so quickly and we need to be thanking God everyday for its beauty.

– Sometimes we surprise ourselves with our abilities. I just got an English paper back that I had submitted in the beginning of the month. I was worried I didn’t do very well on it but ended up making a 96 on it. It’s nice to be reminded of our subtle talents and know we are each capable of achieving greatness, even through small means.

– My daughter turned one over the weekend and it was bittersweet for me. I am happy is is a healthy and happy growing girl but I am also sad her childhood is passing by in the blink of an eye. She has been a blessing in so many ways and I love her more and more each day. I never really expected that kind of love either. Funny how that happens, huh.

– In church on Sunday my preacher preached on loving your neighbor. Usually I kind of tend to glaze over the sermons and do not retain as much of it as I should. But this one is sticking with me for some reason and I am really wanting to work on my compassion and views of other people. We are all God’s children despite our sins or lifestyle choices or decisions and we all need to show compassion and love for one another. This is in no way an easy task for me and I’m sure its very difficult for others as well, we are human afterall. But I am challenging myself to form a deeper love for my fellow humans, even the ones I can’t stand.

– As bad as our current situation may seem, there is always someone that has it worse. I complain a lot, I know I do. And I know I’m not alone in that habit, we all do it at times. But after hearing some of the stories I’ve heard over the past few weeks I realize how truly blessed I am and how I really don’t have anything to complain about at all. A lady I work with has a cousin who recently had her fifth child. During her pregnancy the woman had amniocentisis performed and discovered her son had trisomy, and would only live a few hours. The family made the decision to continue with the pregnancy and celebrate the little life they were blessed with and spend time with their son and brother. When he was born the baby was both deaf and blind and had severe facial deformities. Although the doctors predicted he would only survive a few hours he surprised everyone and lived 11 days, going on home to spend his life with those who loved him. It’s stories like this about such courageuos people that really make me thankful for my daughter’s health and my own even. I cannot imagine having to go through something like this family did.  It’s things such as this that really cause us to evaluate our own lives. Count your blessings not your shortcomings.

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Little Miss Diva

Tonight my daughter got frustrated with me and slapped me in the face. It was so cute and funny I couldn’t help but laugh, even though that was probably not the best reaction as it only made her madder. My pretty little baby has some attitude!

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Five Ways We Can Brighten Someone’s Day

All of us are busy people and we oftentimes get so caught up in our own lives and what’s going in them and we forget to think about our peers and other people we interact with. We have all had those crazy horrible days where everything seems wrong. Sometimes all it takes is a little friendly action to make us feel better. Remember, it’s the little things in life that count. So here are five small ways in which we can make someone’s day a little better and make them feel loved.

1. Give someone a compliment: Sometimes all we need is a little self-esteem booster and taking on the day doesn’t seem like such a daunting challenge. Let someone know they have a new haircut or they are really crafty. You never know when your words can make someone smile.

2. Let someone know when they are doing a good job: If your co-worker does something outstanding that you think they should know about, tell them! Recognizing someone for their accomplishments is a nice little reminder that their hard work is appreciated. A little encouragement can go a long way!

3. Give someone a pep talk: we all have our bad days and ways of expressing them. Sometimes we need someone to vent to and sometimes we need a few words of encouragement or love to get us past what’s bothering us. Be sympathetic to someone’s problem and I am sure they would do the same for you if you needed a shoulder to lean on.

4. Offer your assistance: We all know the song. “I get by with a little help from my friends.” We all need help sometimes and it can certainly be useful at times!

5. This last one is the simplest and most effective one of all, give someone a smile. You never know how that small action can affect someone

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